Danh Khoi Culture

Human resources and shared culture are the core of development

Welfare policy

Salary and bonus

Competitive salary and bonus policy that corresponds to each job position, skills and expertises. In recent years, Danh Khoi is one of the top 3 companies with the highest commissions in the real estate market.

Health insurance

In addition to upgrading the level of benefits for compulsory insurance according to the state regulations such as social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance, the company also provides 24/24 accident insurance, annual health check-ups.


The continuous training activity is average at least once a month to help all employees from different departments have the opportunity to improve their qualifications. Every year, the company always has a full range of sports and leisure activities to create conditions for all employees to have the opportunity to exercise physically and mentally.


All holidays, all employees have appropriate incentives. Besides, the company also continuously organizes events to enrich employees mental life.

Other policies

Danh Khoi not only takes care of the employees themselves, but also has other humanitarian policies such as Tet ticket subsidies, subsidies for illness, or family business ...

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